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The Lincoln Lodge needs YOU!

Greetings friend!  As you may know in February of this year after a two year project The Lincoln Lodge re-upped our commitment to the comedy community and emerging talent by opening a brand new facility with three small theaters and a training center. Then four weeks later, in true Lodge style we had to close it right down again as the first pandemic in over a century and the resulting health concerns swept the nation!

You can see a walk through tour of our new space here


We now find ourselves at the 11th hour with a $30K funding shortfall to address in order to continue our 20 year tradition of nurturing innovative and exciting talent. We’ve applied for every local, state and federal disaster relief grant and already raised over $25K through board efforts but we are going to need the entire Lodge family’s help getting out of this particular pickle.


As you already know the Lincoln Lodge is singularly unique in being a non-profit situated in the main stream of the essentially commercial business of show and as such we don’t have investors, venture capitalists or ‘side hustles’ to bail us out. All we have to pull us through is the community of artists who we have strived to serve and assist through the two decades of Lincoln Lodge operations.


We’re asking for your help in one or more of five ways and since we know your time is also a valuable commodity we’ve structured them to account for your hectic lifestyle! (Not withstanding the last four months spent locked inside your apartment - natch).


If you have two minutes to help you can donate directly and use one of these mechanisms on social media to encourage your adoring fans to also do so -

Text lincolnlodge to 44321


If you have five minutes  please have a ruddy good think about folks you know who are 'connected' that may be able to help us. We are a non-profit and desperately thin on board members who are buddies with the 'captains of industry' that connect non-profits arts organizations like us to the corporations that sponsor the arts. If you know anybody or you yourself have those connections please get in touch and help us grow our board and financial support network.

If you have ten minutes we pull an old two minute clip of you performing at The Lodge and then you can record and send us a message introducing your own classic clip that we’ll bolt on to the front of the video. We can then collectively broadcast the clip through social media channels with a well timed request for donations in the introduction. We can prepare a script so you just hit record and then send! 


If you have three hours to help you can join us remotely via the magic of zoom for a special moderated Q&A session (or other event that you have an idea for!) that we can raise money from with donations. 


If you have one crazy night to help we can do a special promoted guest appearance at a future Lincoln Lodge show doing an abbreviated set that will finally get us all back in the same room (yay!) and REALLY enable us to raise some cheddar doing what we all love to do in the first place.

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