Online Classes 

The New Lincoln Lodge Training Center opened in January and then closed due to Covid-19. Our timing is amazing! So we are moving all of our comedy classes online. Please see the links below for registration information. 


We still need both financial and organizational assistance in sustaining our new forever home so if you'd like to get involved please drop us a line at or call 773-251-1539


To donate visit our GoFundMe page  or text lincolnlodge to 44321 or visit our Venmo page or visit our PayPal page


Thank you for all your support!

As a critically acclaimed hotbed of emerging talent The Lincoln Lodge is uniquely placed to offer a variety of training services. We can help whether you’re an individual looking to learn the fundamentals of stand-up comedy or you’re a person or organization seeking to create more effective communication through investment in the skills of comedy performance.

We offer co-ed training class (Stand-Up Seminary) in a five week workshop course that provides foundation skills for those looking to get started in stand-up or simply improve their own communication and public speaking skills. 

Our affiliate program The Feminine Comique, created by accomplished performer and Lodge alumni Cameron Esposito, is the world’s first all female comedy workshop and is currently enrolling students for upcoming classes.

The Lincoln Lodge Training Center now also host guest comedy lectures teaching a variety of comedy writing, sketch writing, storytelling classes and professional and creative workshops.

If you need more information or require specialty services please call us at 773-251-1539 or contact us directly


Feminine Comique   Sept. 14th
Sept./Oct. - Level 1 (Monday)
Every Monday, 7pm until 9pm starting  Sept. 14 thru Oct. 12 
@ YOUR COMPUTER - The Lincoln Lodge is closed per city ordinance 
Teacher: Alex Kumin     All Female* Stand-Up Class
Stand Up Seminary November 16th
Nov./Dec. - Level 2 (Monday)
Every Monday, 7pm until 9pm starting Nov. 16th thru Dec. 14th
@ YOUR COMPUTER - The Lincoln Lodge is closed per city ordinance 
Teacher: Deanna Ortiz     Co-Ed Stand -Up Class

*The Lincoln Lodge Training Center uses an inclusive definition of the word female, and we welcome trans women, genderqueer and non-binary individuals.

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