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Brendon Burns is the man of a thousand firsts, a bastion of freedom in speech in comedy, a thirty year veteran and one of the most influential and ubiquitously respected stand ups of his generation. Having only just relocated to the US, already in 2019, Brendon has delivered his eighth and ninth comedy specials available in the US for the first time on Amazon Prime Video. Burns is an Edinburgh award winner and a prolific monster. Hes a published author, a playwright, has produced over 14 live albums, nine solo specials and toured and amassed an anthology of nearly 32 hours of live stand up.


"Hes almost incomparable to other stand ups, his peers are more from the literary world. Few things have come even close to the scope of his stand up trilogy, which may well have taken him to the edge of madness and back... Burns is the William Burroughs and Charles Bukowski of stand ups" William Cook, The Guardian. 

"Check out this Aussie gobshite, hes far more offensive than me" Ricky Gervais. 

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